It’s a Sonny day

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It's a Sonny Day

It’s a Sonny Day

 Sonny is running late, he’s still panting from running up the flight of stairs. He goes over his speech again. But halfway through, his mind drifts towards other thoughts, thoughts that have been built up ever since his  head of department told him, he is the one who is going to deliver the welcome address to all the freshers in his department.  His thoughts mostly about how there would be attractive girls who would be so impressed by his welcome address they would somehow be fighting amongst themselves for a chance to talk to him after he finishes his address.

He reaches the corridor of the 3rd floor, and sees his professor waiting outside the seminar hall A, with an expression on his face, like he was about to strangle poor Sonny for being so late.  But the professor just said through almost clenched teeth “you go on in 5 minutes, the principal is giving his address now.”

Sonny is pacing up and down the corridor with a piece of paper where he scribbled down his welcome address. As if staring at random words would somehow magically just transform him from a nervous wreck to someone oozing with self confidence.  Then he hears his professor announcing his name to the eager fresh faced audience. He opens the door and almost runs to the middle.  10 seconds into his awkward silence he realizes he can’t remember a single word. His trembling hands reach into his pockets and bring out a crumpled piece of paper, which promptly falls to the ground. The crowd starts laughing, “There goes my last chance at a girlfriend” Sonny thinks to himself as he picks the paper up, straightens it out. Then like an express train without so much as a ‘good morning to all’ he just reads whatever is on that paper. All he wants to do is finish it and go somewhere isolated to think about building a time machine which would save him what was going to be a whole year of embarrassment.

                                 About three lines to the end of of the speech and by extension his horrid experience. everyone starts laughing again (was it something he said? NO), he looks up to see everyone looking at the door. And at the door standing with a hand on his head was the professor, an angry head of the department and a very amused principal. It took sonny what seemed like a good hour, but in reality just 10 seconds to realize he was giving the welcome address to the chemistry masters students in the seminar hall B. While, in seminar hall A, sat 60 confused first years wondering why the student representative hasn’t shown up to give them their welcome address.

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