Programming Languages-Placement and Beyond 12

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Programming Languages-Placement and beyond

Programming Languages-Placement and beyond

Programming Skill:

A super-human ability to talk with machines.

Programming is similar to the magical abilities in Harry Potter. As they say, magic and technology are quite synonymous.

“I can make things move without touching them. I can make animals do what I want them to do, without training them….I can speak to snakes too. They find me, they whisper to me.”-Eleven-year-old Tom Riddle to Albus Dumbledore

Only that, with programming now, we are limited to machines.

In this article, I intend to do three things,

  1. Make a case for Programming, why programming isn’t so boring. In fact it would be one of the most interesting things you could do.
  2. Second, take you through a list of Programming languages that you might want to learn.
  3. Third and finally, I have made up a Points Table of the programming languages with scores based on Ease of Learning(from basic to intermediate), Usage-Demand and Fun in Learning/Using.

Programming isn’t so boring, in fact it could well be one of the most interesting things you could do:

Right about now, if you are asking me if I am joking. I am not. I should blame this on the not-so-fancy front programming has/had. Programmers are thought to be nerdy and super-smart in the perspective of a school/college student. Well, that is completely false. Nowadays, this mis-conception is clearing up with news of young people creating amazing things, sitting in front of the computer.

” Programming is simple. Programming is fun. Programming is very darn useful. “

The people who created those exciting apps/software you use, are not all “geniuses”. They are normal people like you and me, who found it worthwhile doing stuff they love. These people are people who love games, arts, psychology, being social and spending time with friends, and they learnt a bit of programming to create something that interested them.

Everything that you start doing out of interest, becomes simple and exciting.

Top Programming Languages:


“Learning C is crucial. Once you learn C, making the jump to Java or C# is fairly easy, because a lot of the syntax is common.”.

You will be quite familiar with the basics of C, if you have taken the Computer Science Group during your 11th and 12th standard. In the view point of placements, C is very helpful. Try understanding the basics of C thoroughly and you stand a good chance of being placed. C also makes it easy to learn new programming languages as many other languages have very similar syntax.


All major multi-platform software are made using JAVA. Java programming is a very popular and in-demand programming skill that has very good reward.


C++ pronounced as C-plus-plus is very similar to C, but C++ has more advanced concepts like OOPS concepts.


After the launch of Iphone, Ipad etc during the 2009-2012 period, the demand for Objective C programming skills sky-rocketed. The reason being that Objective C is the primary language in which the Iphone, Ipad apps are being made. A good knowledge of Objective-C will get you a really high paying job.


C#, pronounced as C-Sharp, evolved from C and C++. It is used along with .NET in many companies. If you already have an understanding of JAVA, it will be easier for you to adopt to C# as they have similar syntax.


PHP is the acronym for “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor”. Strange isn’t it? Acronym being a part of the abbreviation. That’s what they call, “A Programmers Joke”. Strange Joke ! Anyway, PHP started gaining immense popularity right around the years 2003-2005. And in fact now, it is the most widely used server scripting languages in the world. Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook using PHP. And PHP isn’t a hard language to learn. Cool isn’t it? You can dive into PHP and create the next Facebook.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. In non-geeky words, SQL is a language to create, edit and maintain databases. There are many databases that support SQL like Oracle, Mysql, PostgreSQL etc. As you know, there is no good application running without a database and there stands SQL.


Named after the python, Python started out as an Linux based programming language, but now it is one of the most used programming languages for developing Web as well as mobile applications. Top companies like Google, Facebook and many other companies lead the way in using and building on this language along with PHP, Perl and Ruby.


Perl is a scripting language that incorporates both Object-Oriented and Functional-Oriented programming. It has been gaining popularity along with Python and Ruby.


Ruby is currently ranked 9th in the most widely used languages in the world. Ruby is used in web applications and it is very much an Object-Oriented Language. It is also used in cloud applications, simulations, 3D modeling and Robotics.


Javascript can be called the Jack-Of-All-Apps. Interactivity is Javascript’s magic word, though it could be used for various other purposes. Most of the applications that you use everyday, from the web to the mobile could very well be made interactive using Javascript. Javascript is also a very exciting language to learn as it is used in even creating games and user-interface interactivity of various forms.

Visual Basic .NET:

VB .NET is an essential tool/language if your company develops for Microsoft based product. In such cases, VB.NET will take you a long way.

Programming Languages ScoreCard/Points Table:

Programming Languages Points Graph |

No Language Ease Score Fun Score Usage-Demand AVG(Recommendation score)
1. Java 8 8 9.5 8.6
2. Python 8.6 8.5 8.9 8.6
3. PHP 8.5 8.5 8.7 8.6
4. Javascript 8.7 8.8 8.2 8.6
5. Objective-C 7.5 8.5 9 8.3
6. C++ 7.7 8 9.2 8.3
7. C 8.5 7 9.5 8.3
8. C# 7.5 7.5 8.8 8.0
9. VB .NET 8.3 7.6 8.0 8.0
10. Ruby 7.5 8 8.2 7.9
11. SQL 8.1 7 8.5 7.9
12. Perl 7.3 7.8 8.3 7.8


Language: Programming Language under discussion.

Ease Score: How easy it is to learn from beginner level to Intermediate level. The higher the score, the easier it is.

Fun Score: The more the score, the more fun it is. Fun in the sense of getting excited, seeing outputs and interesting things you can do with a basic-intermediate knowledge of the Language.

Usage-Demand: The more the score, the more opportunities you have getting a job.

Average: The average of the three scores. The more the score, the more recommended, the language is based on the three criteria.

Note: You may just want to judge a language based on one or more criteria that is important to you.

I wanted to write a lot on the topic, but not sure how long is boring. So stay tuned for more on Programming Languages, how to learn them and much more. Exciting articles on Learning Programming is coming soon.

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12 thoughts on “Programming Languages-Placement and Beyond

  1. Reply My Say Apr 16,2013 2:15 am

    Well, a very comprehensive listing and being a little bit associated with the IT industry I can say coders are like any other creative people who have their own world where they work more for satisfaction than money and leave jobs even if they have gr8 pay yet no learning !! nice post !

  2. Reply Kishore Apr 16,2013 11:41 am

    For a complete newbie, it is always better to go with Python. The reasons are:
    1. It’s easy.
    2. It’s straightforward
    3. It’s has many advantages, you can do scientific computing-similar to MATLAB, you can use it in web programming and many other places.

    To start with I’d say, head over to or or or any MOOC website given in to learn programming.

  3. Reply Vishal Rathod Apr 16,2013 4:10 pm

    Nice Information on programming . Even though an engineer I hate it .

    Travel India

  4. Reply Ajeeth boaz Apr 17,2013 10:50 am

    Great post, Informative and elaborate…

  5. Reply Vipin Soni Apr 18,2013 4:52 pm

    wow! wonderful article, nice research on programming languages. I like c++, php and javascript :)

  6. Reply Vipin Pandey Jan 11,2014 9:09 am

    Programming is interesting and thrilling, as you say it gives the commands of machines in our hands.
    I specially like PHP language because of its ease of use and almost everything about web programming can be done with this language.

    Nice article, Thanks for sharing :)

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