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College Friends Campus

College Friends Campus

With so many dreams, with fresh sense of freedom, with thirst to strive high we walked in here on the first day….. !!!

Early days started off with amusing self-intros, fun-filled p.d classes, making new friends over lunch, chatting over random things, discussing future plans, sharing dreams and ideas. Struggling through first assignment to make it best and eagerly waiting for remarks, working in labs sincerely to get results and writing semester exam like it was a board exam……

Slowly things changed… life changed…lifestyle changed …. And we changed……

Friends who were part of our life became our LIFE….. they became the first reason,

First priority for us in college. All our assignments, seminars and exams were interesting only because of friends, their support, their comments and their encouragement…. Showcase of amazing team work in all activities made it lot more fun……

We bonded over chocolates, novels, serials, languages, movies, hobbies and hearts…..

Memories of Free hours spent in college canteen, library and classrooms talking pointlessly about anything and everything around, planning birthday surprises for best friends , staying awake till 12:00 am to call and wish them first, bunking classes over treats, ice creams, world cup matches, surprise tests, seminars and what not……. Making funny faces at friends when they take seminar, pulling their leg, shouting their nick names when their crush is around, texting friends all the time as talking in college was not enough, pointing at one person for every question and task given by the staff… laughing our heads off at the joke made weeks ago…. All this will stay in our hearts like forever like it was yesterday.

Excitement of industrial tour, discovering surprise elements of our class, all night long chatting, gossips, games, and having fun all along. Enjoying two weeks of so called in-plant training by playing BINGO and dumb charades (Helps a lot during exams).

Tensed moments of semester exams and campus interviews where again our friends are our saviors, help in revising and sharing everything they know and boost our confidence to perform the best and succeed.

This is all about what our college life meant to us, how it changed us, how it thought us that life is more than just education. Education is important but more than that what matters is our experience here, all these experiences impart the quality of team work, creativity, co-ordination in us. It directly or indirectly teaches us rights and wrongs of life, explains how patience is a important for everything, how pressure of dead-lines can make us goal-oriented, how a simple smile can change everything.

A simple hi, a heartfelt good morning, a warm smile, a peppy hi-five, a tight hug , a playful comment, a shoulder to cry, a hand to hold and a friend to walk along….

Am going to miss all of that. When we said farewell to friends we all cried because we knew that we are saying farewell to the best season of our life.

College life is like a season of spring that brings hope, sense of happiness, sense of good times and colors in life and nothing else can bring us that joy again, so we must appreciate all these memories and never regret about anything….

In next stages of life seasons may change as change is the only permanent thing in life, but these memories, these experiences these people will help us re-creating the atmosphere and make our life interesting like always.

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