Event Ideas For Your College Fest

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Event Ideas For Your College Fest

Event Ideas For Your College Fest

Every College Fest needs exciting events that attract and capture the attention of the audience/ participants. This sets the standard in their minds for a long time. Events as a whole are divided into 3 types

1.Technical events
2.Non-Technical events

Yes, there may be many other types of events people can come up with, but all those should probably fall into one among the above mentioned types.

Technical events:

These are the events all the geeks thrive for, it’s obviously because of the geeky stuff involved, but when the robots or the models start working live then even the not so-geeky people often start getting their hands together to CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! Having said that, the technical events often test the skills and mettle of the students where competition gets very tough.

Some of the ideas for the technical events of a college festival are:

1.Electronics and Communication Engineering Department:

1.1 Circuit debugging
1.2 Remembering a shown circuit and reproducing it whenever necessary
1.3 Executing shown circuits on software
1.4 Lectures by profound speakers(like on shaping light with deformed mirrors)
1.5 Networking competition
1.6 Project presentation
1.7 Paper presentation on various topics(vlsi, embedded systems, image processing, neural networks, networking, nano technology and robotics)
1.8 A quiz to pep it all

2.1 Robo wars
2.2 The robot which reaches the destination the fastest following a line.
2.3 The robot has to dig out a treasure from a predefined arena.
2.4 Fashion show of robots.
2.5 Paper Presentation.
2.6 Robotical Task.

More ideas follow in the next post, so keep checking :)

Moving on…,

Non-Technical Events:

Now, these are the events all the people, be it the geeks or the cool dudes look out for. These add the much needed fun element. Since there is so much involvement and the eyes on these non-technical events, it’s often common that a small mistake on the part of the organizer gets magnified a thousand times and hence create a huge amount of ruckus and unwanted tension at all fronts. So, utmost care has to be taken while organizing the non-technical events, worst case scenario, ‘have bouncers ready’ :p

Here are some ideas for the non-technical events.

3.1 Treasure Hunt
3.2 Map the snap
3.3 Mock interviews
3.4 Pro gaming(CS, NFS)
3.5 Group Discussions (the roadies style)

Keep checking for more ideas in the next posts.


These again are the events organized by the students but the whole difference being the events are conducted by a ‘Pro’ in each field. Similar to how a popular singer sings in the music night. Even you could have a pro at any other event in case your budget is on the higher side and you can get that much needed brand power flowing in!!!


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