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Being a final year student, I have no doubt on which part of college life i really enjoy – The College Fests!

A College fest is like a breathe of fresh air for every college student. It is no mystery that a college has its maximum attendance during their college fest. Put off your chores and enter the land of paradise for that one day. So, this part of college life already has things going its way. But, how do you really make your college fest reach a greater audience without spending much?

Let me give you a short description of the Term – “Promotion”. Ready for it ?

Let people know what you are doing! Thats Promotion :P

Trolled ? I say not. That is what promotion is, to effectively communicate what you are doing. Here are some 5 nice ideas,

#1 Facebook It:
“Facebook It”- the World’s most popular social networking site is now a verb. Facebook is one of the most effective ways to get friends and friends of friends excited about your fest.

Promote your fest on Facebook

Promote your fest on Facebook

Facebook Pages-

  • Use Facebook Pages to tell people about your college fest.
  • Invite Friends and ask them to invite their friends. (Don’t be shy)
  • Post banners and posters of individual events – “Design attracts attention” .
  • Have an online contest like a quiz or inviting creativity like Photos,Poems, Design or quotes.

Facebook Groups:

  • Facebook groups can be used to easily gather in many people but it might irritate some. Groups can rather be used to get your Fest Committee members connected.
  • Post in the work to be done and also updates of the overall progress of your team.
  • Special appreciation can encourage team-mates who work hard for your fest.
  • It can also be used as a place where you get ideas from everyone.

#2 Posters, Banners and Invitations:
Unleash the artistic potent of your College. Let the Picassos and Da Vincis come out and play.

Some samples of College fest posters

Some samples of College fest posters

Spend some time making awesome and mind-blowing posters and banners. You can even make an intra-college competition out of it. Get your posters and banners and post them in your college where people can see. (My first choice would be the canteen.)
Send posters and banners to other colleges as well, with an official invitation. Colleges respect these official invitation and these posters in other colleges are the ones that get you many participants.

#3 Fest T-shirts:

Fest t-shirts are an excellent way to promote your college fest and also raise some serious money. Fest t-shirts establish the brand of your college fest and gets guys and gals hooked with your college festival. The design of your fest T-shirt would definite be your statement about your event.

Note: Campuscultr has partnered with Agger, a clothing brand who make really good T-shirts for College Fests. This partnership means that Fests Partnering with Campuscultr get awesome discounts. Happy ? See the post, Online Partnership For Your College Fest for more info.

T-shirts for your fest

T-shirts for your fest

And promoting your Fest T-shirts is also important.(Hint: Use Facebook, Website, Word of mouth and every possible way you can think of. )
#4 Do a flash mob and share it online:
Videos of Flash mobs go viral all the time. Added to that, you will just have some crazy fun doing it. Wear your fest t-shirts and do a crazy and fun flash mob, you could just become the talk of the colleges.

#4 Take Up a Cause/Theme:
Taking up a cause works in a symbiotic way. It not only sets a focus for your fest but also connects you with people who love the cause. Its more like a fuel for your fest than a promotional tactics, but sure does help.
Examples of Causes/Themes- Green Revolution, Automation, Hack-It, Cheaper-Better etc.

#5 Last but not least, Use Campuscultr to high rocket your promotion:(Note: We also like to promote our brand :D )
Here at Campuscultr, we enjoy getting to know about new college and school fests. New updates to help manage and promote fests are released every now and then. We are also excited to work on new cool stuff that help students.
With, you can now promote your Fest to Thousands of students across India. Sharing events with Facebook Friends, Automated E-mail Updates to your attendees is now extremely easy.

Until next time. Happy Festing.

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